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Over the last few months I have been trundling along quite nicely in the gym.



I always feel strong for my size and can comfortably rep squats and deadlifts at my bodyweight.



However, I have become a little bit disengaged recently. The reason being that the fitness industry seems to portray an image that unless you are ripped and have boulder shoulders and bulging biceps then you obviously don’t lift bro.



My question is this? Does that mean that you are healthy and more importantly does that mean you are happy?



Don’t get me wrong I want to look good but I miss playing sport on a regular basis and thinking that my “training” must only consist of reps and sets of specific exercises.



I feel my fitness has always been ok, but has been lacking slightly compared to what it had been previously. With this in mind I have switched my training up to include short sharp bursts of cardio within my warm up partnered with some bodyweight mobility exercises, plus some metabolic conditioning work at the end of the session after some full body strength work in the middle – workouts last no more then an hour, JOB DONE.



With my previous comments in mind, I’ve also started to play football again amongst friends once a week with a view of perhaps having a crack at one more season in my twilight years playing for a local side.



I must say that having switched my training to the above style I have felt much fitter, stronger and less injury prone to if I was doing standard body part split training. What’s more I’m really enjoying it too and feeling much more stimulated mentally by it. I’ve started to train my clients in a similar manner as well and they are loving the daily challenges and the competitions amongst the group as well as the results it brings.



I have been sore the next day after football, but it’s been nothing serious. Purely some aches and pains from a couple of knocks or stiff challenges that my body has missed for the last 5 years.



I will always agree with the old saying that exercise makes you feel better. The more active and challenging our training the happier and more positive we become. My dad has been playing to and he is 51 this year. Lads playing have commented how well he looks and how playing now will keep him feeling young for much longer.



I implore everyone to be active as much as possible, for your own health first and foremost, but also because of the benefits it can bring to your family, without you even knowing it.



What do I mean by that? Well, if you exercise you’ll have more energy to play with your kids, if you exercise you’ll be in a better mood and probably won’t snap at your partner as much. Happy wife, happy life right?



So what are you going to do this week exercise wise to ensure you are feeling happier, healthier fitter and stronger?



If you want to go and play some sport…. DO IT.



If you want to lift….. DO IT.



If you want to hiking….. DO IT.



If you are stuck and do not know what to do in the gym then follow the link below to gain access to daily workouts that will leave you a sweaty mess and become part of an ever increasing community of people that are becoming fitter and stronger on a daily basis.









Have a great week.



Coach Lee




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