People Will Always Want You To Fail……. Here’s Why.

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Many of you will have made a new years resolution to pay more attention to your health, fitness and overall wellbeing.


A hat tilt to you from me for even thinking about it.


You’ll tell people about what you want to achieve and no doubt the arm chair professionals and keyboard warriors will reply with…..


“You said that last year”


“It’ll never last”


“You don’t know what you are doing”


I mean its only the 2nd of Jan and the haters will already be out in force.


Now, I know you may not see your resolution out for the next 365 days, but success or not, kudos to you for even trying my friend.


You may not make it to the top of your everest, but just by starting you are doing something that 99% of people fucking won’t be.


Most of the people that will be hating on you will be doing so because;


They will be jealous that you have the motivation to get up off your arse and do something.


They will be jealous that you are moving towards your goals whilst they get left behind.


They will be jealous of your courage to walk in to the gym or class environment and feel like you belong there.


Which is why they can’t help but point the finger when you perhaps have a wobble a few weeks or months in.



Because it makes then better about themselves.


The fact they haven’t been successful.


The fact they haven’t made the friends you have.


The fact they still feel massively insecure about themselves.


Sadly these actions can be seen across all walks of life. Business, relationships, fitness and sporting achievements.


Unfortunately the sad reality is that MOST people will want to see you FAIL.


Because it makes them feel better about doing fuck all with their own lives.


SO my advice to you in 2017 is this……


Be Brave. Stay Brave.


Make sure that you see you goals through to the end through the ups and downs, and if you feel like its getting a bit to much or difficult, then seek help from those that genuinely care, not the sharks that are circling waiting for you to start flailing.


Here’s to a great 2017 for all of you that have read this.


Coach Lee


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