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So another Chrimbo has been and gone. How was it for everyone? I hope you had a fantastic day, ate plenty of Turkey (any meat sweats) drunk plenty of alcohol and gorged on all the goodies. I know I did and it was F*CKING FANTASTIC!!!

However, its over now people! Yep, sorry to be a humbug, but its done and dusted! Its time to no start looking towards 2016 and how you want to be looking and feeling in 2016.


It’s time for some FOCUS!


No doubt you will be looking for the quickest fix in January to ensure that you lose all that unwanted now found fluffy stuff you see in the mirror. You know what I mean….


  • Low Carb
  • Juice This
  • Cleanse That
  • Paleo


All the things you have tried before and never really had any long lasting success. Trust me, its not the way it should be. It shouldn’t be that difficult and you shouldn’t feel miserable doing it. Ask my clients and they’ll tell you that they never feel like they are on a diet when losing weight.




Because they are able to eat the foods they enjoy and we make it work around their lifestyle and whats going on in their lives.

This is why we have crated the THICK 2 F1T seminars.


4 weeks of education that will show you how to have a lifetime of health and happiness away from the constant yoyo dieting and battles with cravings and binges.

The aim is to teach you:


  • about all aspects of food and food types
  • how to set up your nutrition to suit your lifestyle and your goals.
  • what you need to be doing in the gym.
  • how to become a time efficient monster in the gym and the kitchen.
  • how to bust through plateaus when they happen.


PLUS… you’ll be able to ask us any questions you like.

PLUS… its absolutely FREE! Yes 4 weeks education work in excess of £50 per person absolutely FREE!


Why are we doing this?

Because 2016 is the year we give back and try to help as many people as we possibly can.



Email: to register your place.


You do not need to attend both days (highlighted in the poster below) Just one day per week is perfect.

Be quick and reserve your place now, ahead of the inevitable January rush.



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