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“How can you suggest having a Diet Coke to clients !?”



This was the comment of another trainer who looked at me like I had two heads the other day when I told him that I had asked my clients to have diet coke rather then normal coke if they felt they needed a fizzy drink fix. 


There is no research to suggest that consuming diet drinks in normal quantities (lets call that 1-2 cans per day) has any ill affects on your health. 


Aspartame isn’t going to kill you. 


If you aren’t bothered by fizzy drinks then you aren’t missing out on anything spectacular.

However, I myself enjoy an ice cold diet coke now and again. The same way I enjoy a beer.

BUT the key point here is….. 

If you have them and enjoy them then be safe in the knowledge that there are no problems in including them in your diet somewhat – lets say as long as you are consuming enough water through the day as well. 


ALSO, the fact that they have less then 1 calorie per can they provide a great alternative to consuming regular high calorie versions of the drink. 



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