I Don’t Want To Look Like A Bodybuilder……. I F*cking Love Zac Efron

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Whenever you put a photo on social media, I guess you have to understand that you are going to be judged.


Yesterday I posted this photo on social media……






There was support, but then there was always going to be the inevitable negative comment. It comes with the territory.


The majority of comments were around my “lack of gains” and “actual size”


But here’s the facts that these numb nuts don’t understand. I’m not chasing a bodybuilder physique. It would be almost impossible for me to get it. I would have to sacrifice so much in my private life and business to chase that goal, that for me is just not worth it.


You see there are guys in all gyms that are f*cking MASSIVE!! You know the ones I mean – HUGE ARMS and BOULDER SHOULDERS.


Sometimes I find myself in the gym with them and I must admit, I do have a good stare, not out of envy, but more out of intrigue about just what they needed to do to get to that size.


In reality, I wouldn’t want to be that big, even if I could. Some people may claim that i’m speaking bullshit, but it’s gods honest truth.


I have no idea, if some of these MASSIVE guys take steroids or are just genetically gifted. Either way to get to the size they are, with the cuts they have, deserves huge respect.


So, back to the point of this blog. These huge guys are all over social media and fitness magazines/websites and most normal guys like think you have to look like a bodybuilder to be seen as a success or an Alpha in the gym. Yet when it comes down to the nitty gritty, you will admit that what you actually want is very different.




Studies suggest that most women aren’t even attracted to guys that are ridiculously big. Furthermore, most guys think they have to be much bigger then they are to be attractive to women.


I have nothing against big guys, I echo my thoughts above that I have huge respect for anyone that shows such dedication to the cause to get that big, but it shouldn’t be something that every average Joe has to set as the ultimate gym goal.


I know for a fact that if I asked most women which physique they find most attractive out of the two massively famous guys below the majority would go for Zac Efron.



April 24, 2012: The film, 'Pain and Gain', filming scenves at a Miami hospital this afternoon. Pictured here: Dwayne Johnson. Mandatory Credit: INFphoto.com Ref.: infusmi-11/13


In my opinion Zac’s (i’m talking about him as if he is my buddy) is a far more attractive and much more attainable physique for all the dudes out there.


Lets look at the The Rocks physique. When we first look at the picture there may be some form of initial attraction, but in reality, what is actually that attractive about it?


Why do I say that?


Well because the physique is not the “norm”.


However on a daily basis we have it shoved down our throats that such a physique epitomises all that is masculine in the world. It’s not until you step back and start to reevaluate your life and priorities that you realise that’s not at all what the fitness industry and what “being manly” is all about.


Ask yourself would you really like to look like The Rock or, are you just intrigued by it.


Unlike those that knocked me, i’m not trying to knock what any bodybuilder does. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but its an extreme and something that most dudes don’t really want and with everything else going on in their life, a goal they could ever achieve.




My message to those in a similar position to myself, that enjoy training but aren’t particularly gifted genetically or struggle to put on size is this…….


Find a sense of peace with who you are and how you look. Work with what you have and become the best version of yourself, without comparing yourself to others all the time.


Don’t be in awe of other people. Set yourself a goal that ultimately aligns your goals with how you view the world.


Learning to do this will provide you with much more clarity and focus, which will ultimately help you achieve your goal  far quicker then if you continue to busy yourself with focusing on other people all the time.


It’s only natural to be motivated by others, but be careful that those thoughts don’t consume you or define you.


After all do you really want to be a body builder or like me do you FUCKING LOVE Zac Efron.


Think about it 😉


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