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“Right, its Monday, time to do this sh*t. I’m not having any of that bad stuff anymore. From now on its chicken or steak, rice or sweet potato, veg or salad. I’m going to lose weight and be healthy whilst doing it.”


Sound familiar? 


Some of you will think this isn’t a problem and its the right approach to dieting.


“All it sounds like is they are wanting to make some habit changes and live a healthier life. Whats wrong with that?” 


In all honesty I think its fantastic. To be able to change your lifestyle at the click of your fingers is a great trait to have.


However, my question to you is this….

Is it necessary? 


Why do we need to have such an extreme approach to changing our lives? 


The statement above suggests that this individual will no longer eat any ice cream, no pizza and certainly no chocolate!!!


My advice?

Forget your kamikaze approach to changing your diet. 


In all honesty you don’t have to be spot on with your diet 24/7 to get the results you desire. Especially if you want them to last long term. 

It Only Ends In Failure & Feelings Of Guilt. 


So what do I suggest?

Steering clear of the extreme approach.


Yes the extreme approach may bring quick results, but it won’t bring round long lasting success or happiness thats for sure. 


Are you telling me that if you give up everything you love to eat that you are never EVER going to eat it again?


Do me a favour!


What happens when you restrict yourself of the foods you love to eat or you banish an entire food group (e.g. carbs) from your diet?



That coupled with only eating “clean” foods that are generally boring, dull and lets face it make you want to heave leaves you feeling pretty miserable. 


Granted. You may see some fat loss. But you’ll secretly be  craving the foods you have labelled as “bad” foods.

How Does It End? 


You give in. You have that little bit of chocolate. No drama. Then you have another bit, and you think “F*CK THIS i’ve messed it all up now, ruined all my hard work” and start to binge!


You start to feel sick, lethargic and disgusted with yourself. The guilt sets in until you realise that Monday is just around the corner again and you can try this all or nothing approach all over again.


If you can’t see yourself eating like you currently are in the long term it isn’t going to work – so lets show you how to change things up.

The Alternative Option…. 


How about rather then only seeing limited success you actually saw results that you could sustain for months and years to come.


Well thats where Flexible Dieting comes in to play.


Flexible Dieting is where we consume nutrient dense foods 80% of the time which allows us to have 20% of our total consumption from foods that you could label “naughty.” However, as long as you have taken in to consideration your daily calorie and macronutrient targets to fit your goals / lifestyle, then eating the foods you enjoy and not just those you see as healthy is perfectly fine. 


In my opinion food should be enjoyed and you should actually look forward to the meals you are going to eat.

You Can Eat All The Foods You Enjoy!!! 


So long as you are consuming adequate protein, fat, fruit and veg (for fibre), its your total calorie intake that determines whether you lose weight or not.


I’m not saying you can over indulge. What i’m saying is moderation is key. Your diet should be made up of the foods you enjoy eating.


Ultimately, the calories in vs calories out equation is far more important in determining your fat loss.


Therefore, in my opinion Flexible Dieting wins over the kamikaze approach every time. 


You can allow yourself all your favourite foods in moderation, achieve your fat loss goals and MOST IMPORTANTLY, sustain your results long term.



Flexible Dieting isn’t a free ticket to eat us much junk food as you possibly can.


What it is, is a way in which you can achieve outstanding results without sacrificing your happiness.


Why end up looking great if you feel like sh*t!


If you can adhere to something long term then the chances are your results will stick around for so much longer!


Sounds pretty damn awesome to me!!!


Coach Lee 






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