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Remember those times when you have been standing in an elevator and people walk in and it just feels awkward. For a few moments you are confined with several strangers that you have never met before.


Body odour, bad breath, lack of space and loud talkers are just a few bug bares you have to deal with during your time in the elevator.


Now answer me this? Have you ever spoke to anyone whilst in the elevator? No of course you haven’t. We know we are going to be out within a couple of minutes, so whats the point in trying to strike up a relationship with people you will never see again.


Unfortunately, all over the country there are gym facilities that are becoming more and more unappealing due to similar circumstances. In most gyms many people are tuned in to their headphones and will do anything to avoid having to speak to other people within the gym.


Despite this fact, gym memberships have never been so high.


So let me ask you this? Do you enjoy your “gym experience?”


If you don’t why do you continue to put yourself through the torment.


Given the choice wouldn’t you prefer to workout amongst friends who will support, encourage and celebrate your successes. If not then you are a sociopath and can stop reading šŸ˜‰


But if you are one of us who enjoys good company then PROJECT:F1T’s Metabolic ConditioningĀ and group classes could be for you.


One of the biggest goals for PROJECT:F1T is to build communities. Of course we want people to achieve their goals but we want people to become stronger mentally for when the going gets tough, but we also want our sessions to foster friendships that are typically only seen in sports teams but is lacking within a traditional “gym” environment.


Some of the sessions that you will take part in will feel insurmountable, but you will be able to celebrate your wins with your friends surrounding you when over come those hurdles – inspiring others to do so as well.


It is precisely those hurdles that will ensure that you grow close to those around you. We cheer loudest for others because we understand what that person has achieved because we have overcome similar hurdles.


Your successes inspires andĀ drives others on even more.


We want to grow a PROJECT:F1T community organically and we want everyone to know and support each other.


These sessions will kick off next Tuesday 23rd August @ Kiss Gyms at 12:30pm in Milton Keynes and will be at a cost of Ā£5 per session.


So if you are sick and tired of visiting the gym on your own and not enjoying it then come along and become part of a community that will ensure that you will ALWAYS want to step through the gym doors to compete and better yourself.


Coach Lee




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