Avoid The Dad Bod…….

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So you want to be an Alpha Dad?



I hear it all the time; Lee I want to look awesome, how can I do it?



The simple answer is you need to get yourself in the gym, you need to eat well and make sure your macros are bang on and you need to be committed.



I’ll be honest if you want to look awesome then you need to reduce all the shit you are eating and all the shit you drink on a Friday and Saturday night with your mates down the pub. You don’t have to eradicate it all – fuck that – you just have to become more aware of what you are costuming.



Now i’m not saying you have to live a bodybuilder lifestyle who eats the perfect balance of carbs and protein with every meal, or eats out of tupperware all day every day.



Those that do that will say its dedication to the cause, but its not entirely necessary for you to have a half decent body.



What if I told you that you can ditch the dad bod without all the obsession and sacrifice that the “elite” seem to preach.






When most guys start working out they are sadly drawn to these extremes, and by extremes I mean they log on to bodybuilder.com and go straight to downloading what the biggest guy on the site suggests. I know I did this, and i’m sure you have too.



I’m guessing your goal isn’t to look like Ronnie Coleman (if you don’t know who he is, look him up), so why feel the need to train like him?



This isn’t the approach needed by the normal guy that is just wanting to look aesthetically pleasing. So when you log on to bodybuilding.com you are not aligning you goals with the correct pathway to success.



You’ll probably end up frustrated and physically fucked by following such a plan. Bodybuilders live this life day in day out 24/7, 365, for the average joe with a family a 9–5 and a wife to keep happy it just won’t work.






The first step……. realise you are not a fucking bodybuilder, and the approach to get to your goals should not be one of huge extremities.



Leave the craziness to those that are obsessed with it.



Trust me, looking good, feeling good and being an Alpha Dad is definitely possible. All you need to do is commit to at least 3 hours of training per week, make sure you understand how to track your macros and apply it.









Now everyone will have a different definition of what lean is. For me if you haven’t got visible abs – that should be your number one aim.






Once you have those visible abs whilst relaxing, there is not point getting fat again whilst killing yourself in the gym right. The skill then is to maintain your abs whilst packing on some muscle.



In order to achieve both goals you need to remain consistent and follow a well designed program.






So you want to get abs, look muscly and shit.


Well you need a program designed for you that is going to fit in to your current lifestyle. If you can only get to the gym 3 times per week whats the point in having a 6 day training plan. Thats just going to leave you feeling frustrated and like you have failed.



Thats why I have created a number of ALPHA DAD workout plans and nutrition guides so that you can build an awesome body without all the confusion.



These workouts deliver incredible results and provide you with an education on nutrition and training to break away from the unnecessary obsessive lifestyle that people think is required to get an awesome body.






As we get older, our lives and priorities change. I look around the gym now and watch the youngsters coming in to train in the latest fashion, taking selfies in the mirror and spending hours in the gym checking out the chicks. Sometimes I feel a little jealous but then realise my priorities have now changed too. I have a business to run and a little girl to look after.



Fitness is a hobby and just a small part of my life, but still a very important one.



Thats what the ALPHA DAD program is all about.



We want to provide a clear pathway to your goals so that you can have an awesome body and a great life too without sacrificing all the little things you love.



Its all about the gainz!!!!



If you want the program then complete this form ———–> https://projectf1t.wufoo.com/forms/w1izwymj0fomhdr/


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