12 Weeks To Fit Dad……..

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On April 27th I get married to my beautiful fiancée. Isla will be nearing 1, so it will cap what has been a tiring yet incredible year for Laura and I.


I’ll be the first to admit that since Isla has come along, apart from an 8 week push for my last holiday to Mexico in October my training although consistent has been a little all over the place in terms of structure.


What I mean by that is I’ve gone in to they gym without a plan and kind of done what ever I have fancied that day. Don’t get me wrong whenever I train, I train hard and the sessions themselves are structured, but there has been no periodization.


That’s why I’ve started writing this mini series, a way of staying accountable and sticking to the plan.


You see I’ve taken the plunge.


No, I’m not talking about getting married. I’m talking about booking myself a gym based photo shoot a week before my wedding to see just how good I can look in just a pair of shorts in just 90 days. I’m hoping that i’ll be more Zac Efron from bad neighbours and less Seth Rogan.




I’ve always felt like I’m in fairly decent shape, but when push comes to shove I’ve never done it bang on over a consistent time frame.


But now (starting 22rd Jan) I’ve done the plan (which is pretty f*cking epic, if I say so myself). I’ve done my menus that will change accordingly over the 12 weeks that will be supplied by my nutrition company FitPrep (www.fitprep.co.uk). I’ve ordered my supplements and I’m ready to smash it for 3 months with my only “Day Off” being whilst I’m on my stag do in March.


It is going to be hard, of that I have no doubt, but I look at my clients on a daily basis and say “that’s not an excuse.” So If they then crack on why cant I?


With the goals set I’ll be blogging my journey once a week all the way through to my wedding.
With the final bits of the wedding to be put in place, a fiancée to keep happy, a business to run and an ever growing ever more mobile baby to contend with, this is going to be my toughest test yet.


Here are my pictures as I stand this morning…… knowing I was starting this tomorrow, last week I relaxed on my training and certainly made the most of my final week of, enjoying pretty much anything I wanted – that may sound like a good thing, but I felt like shit by the end of it, my abs had literally disappeared and my skin wasn’t as smooth or as clear as it had been in previous weeks and months. So I’m looking forward to cleaning my act up by eating plenty of nutrient dense food, lots of water and avoiding all the shit for a while.


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Starting stats will be added at the end of week 1’s blog post.


I’ll be keeping you up to date of how my training plan looks and also what nutritional strategies I’ll be using week by week, to hopefully get myself in to single digit body fat percentage by the end of the 12 weeks.


Lets see if I can improve on those photos.


Speak to you soon.



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