Here at PROJECT: F1T we take the sometimes overwhelming process of looking, feeling and moving better all whilst embracing life and making your diet stress free, as simple as possible. We’ll provide you with all the knowledge, accountability, encouragement and most importantly all the support on a daily basis that you could ever need.


You will become part of an ever-increasing community of normal people who are making incredible progress and achieving life-changing results. With packages from as little as “your starbucks coffee” per day and all the access and support you could ever wish for from a Personal Trainer,

what have you got to lose so why don’t you #JoinTheMovement.






Here at PROJECT: F1T we understand that no two people are the same. So whether you enjoy training as an individual, as part of a team or if you just need a little more support from afar, we’ve got the package to suit you and your budget. 


Our approach is simple, and one that will give you life changing sustainable results. We don’t use gimmicks, fads, or incredibly strict protocols.

We just get you the best results whilst having the least impact on your life. Above all else we make it work for you. Our clients get the results they deserve because we take in to consideration everything that may impact their happiness.




Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle or get f1t then we have the Personal Training Package to suit your needs. 

You can choose from 1-5 personal training sessions per week. This will ensure that all the stress and guesswork is taken away from you, therefore having as little impact on your daily life as possible.


We’ll provide you with nutrition guidance, full training plans and support via daily check-ins and access to our private client Facebook group to ensure you achieve the results and happiness you desire. With the education that we provide, these results are sustainable and can last a lifetime.


  • Movement & nutrition consultation.
  • Daily check-in and support via private Facebook group.
  • Nutrition plan and weekly check-in.


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Here at PROJECT: F1T we love to create a community and we feel that our team training sessions for men and women do just that. To many times we have heard “ladies don’t belong in the weights section”. This is something we completely disagree with. So with safety in numbers we make our ladies feel super confident around the weights. 


With so much misinformation around it is almost impossible for normal people like us to know what is best for you. With over 4 years of experience PROJECT: F1T has designed a number of programs that we know will work for you and get you the results that you desire. We are dedicated to getting more “Ladies 2 Lift”, so no matter where your starting point is, the welcoming nature of the team training means that you will have the support of a personal trainer and your fellow teammates for support. 


We’ll show you the whole spectrum of benefits when training with weights, both physically and mentally. All whilst increasing your confidence at the same time.


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No matter where you are in the world PROJECT: F1T can be on hand to help.  So if you goal is to lose weight, feel better, be stronger and overall happier then we have it covered. From daily to weekly check-ins, answering questions and queries, your trainer will be available via email to support you throughout your journey. 


You’ll have access to your training plan and nutrition in the palm of your hand. For those who want to experience online coaching you will receive the following:


  • Goal setting consultation via Phone or Skype
  • Goal Specific Training Plan
  • Custom Calorie and Macronutrient guidelines
  • Daily support via access to private client Facebook group.
  • Weekly accountability and progress check-in.


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  • “Just a little thank you mate, I wish I could say more because I’m so glad I had the guts to walk through the gym door. I felt so stupid and kept thinking what is it that I am trying to prove. I’ve tried it all in the past, lifting, running, swimming, but nothing changed my body. But every week you said to me 'I’m on your side, you can do this if you really want it' and that was all the encouragement I needed. Now I’m in so much more of a happy place. My confidence is high and I’m very proud of who I am an there’s no question why that is.  It’s all because of you Lee, your patience and your time helping me climb what felt like mountains. I never would have done this without you.”

    Vicki 28, Full Time Mum
  • “What a mad year! Competing in motor racing for 3 years made me realise what a bad state I was in physically, and probably mentally! Years of back problems didn't help matters either! My priority became getting fitter and to stop smoking, however long it took, to make me stronger at everything else in life. Mentally, my back problems have held me back physically for years, meaning that I was holding back as I didn't want to end up in massive pain again. This year I thought f*ck it, put it on the line and go for it, then I'll find out where we're at?! A 120kg deadlift seems to have summed that up pretty well."

    Rob 48, Managing Director
  • “Training with Lee is like training with your friend. His relaxed but firm approach ensures you get the best out of training whilst still putting the world to rights. He never makes you feel like you are doing anything wrong in the gym and has a very good way of advising you on the best way to achieve your goals. I can now feel confident in what I wear as I feel tight and toned. I was bullied when I was at school for having muscles (being quite sporty as a child) so I did have reservations about lifting weights as I didn’t want to look like a bodybuilder!”

    Cherelle 31, Full Time Mum






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